Call for papers

Call for papers (docx file)

Conference languages are English and Polish.
Conference publication (peer-reviewed) is planned.


Conference topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

Translation for children

– the role and function of morals in source texts and their translations
– the aesthetics of horror and the macabre, black humour and nonsense from a historical and contemporary perspective
– the concept of the child (reader) from the perspective of translators, publishers, illustrators
– cultural traditions
– the evolution of translational norms
– translation and censorship
– ideological shifts in translation
– new genres and media in translation
– double address and its implications for translation
– translation for children in a (post)global world
– new technologies and translation for children
– methodological challenges in investigating translation for children
– the professionalization of translation for children

Der Struwwelpeter and struwwelpetriades
– local and national traditions in translations and adaptations of Struwwelpeter
– the position and role of Struwwelpeter in various literary polysystems
– the role of mediators: translators, publishers, illustrators, critics
– intersemiotic and intermedial translation: adaptations for other media, e.g. digital picture books, stage, film, games, comics
– the influence of Struwwelpeter translations and adaptations on the reception of the book
Struwwelpeter as an example of crossover
– translator attribution in early foreign-language editions of Struwwelpeter
Struwwelpeter in popular culture

Translation didactics
– children’s literature and other “children’s genres” in the translation classroom
– the place of children’s literature in translator training curricula
– audiovisual translation for children
– the child (recipient) in the context of the professionalization of translator training
– gamification and translation teaching

Conference topics will fall into three major themes:
– translation practice
– theoretical paradigms and methods in investigating translation for children (“Children’s Literature Translation Studies”)
– teaching methodology and translator education